About Wrings

Our History


Sidney Joseph Wring, born on the 21st April 1902, formed the original Wrings Transport in 1927. He started with a horse and cart, delivering coal to hospitals and schools throughout the Bristol area, and then collecting the ashes from the same places to turn into mortar for resale to other customers.

After his second horse died on its third day of work, he moved onto his first commercial vehicles: a solid – wheeled Vulcan and a model-T Ford, an example of which was held in Bristol Museum during the eighties.

The original has been in dry storage ever since. At the end of his working life, the group of companies totaled some 14 businesses, including transport, plant, demolition, scrap reclamation, quarrying, road building, waste transport, construction, concrete block making, and specialised tile production. Depots were based from South Wales to Bristol and Somerset.

Sidney’s death on the 28th December 1966, at the age of 64, left a wife, 4 sons, and 3 daughters, with around 100 vehicles. The Wring group of companies was purchased


Wrings Transport Ltd in its current form was started in August 1995 by his youngest son and two grandsons with the same enthusiasm as their grandfather some 68 years previous, operating one vehicle from premises in Failand, Bristol.

In 2001 due to expansion the company moved to a rented site in Avonmouth. Five years later, having outgrown the Avonmouth site, it relocated to a wholly owned four acre site in Hallen.


The company reached its 21st anniversary in August 2016 which was celebrated with a full black tie dinner event within the warehouse, fully transformed to a venue with a stage, lighting, full band and seating for over 250 staff, customers and friends.

This is all since starting with a 3.5 tonne drop side van, now Wrings currently operates a fleet in excess of 60 vehicles, ranging from vans to 44 tonne artics plus a specialist division. We also operate Extensive parking facility of 10 Acres over three sites in Hallen.